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Pay with Anyday

We work with Anyday on fair partial payment

In collaboration with Anyday, we offer you that you can buy your goods today and split your payment over several months. Paying in installments with Anyday costs you nothing and there are no sudden interest or fees.
On all our products you will see the Anyday price widget, by clicking you can get information about Anyday and see what the payment plan for your purchase will look like.

Fast facts about Anyday
● Always interest- and fee-free partial payment
● Buy for up to DKK 30,000.
● Split your payment over several months
● Fast credit check and establishment process
● No unpleasant surprises

How does Anyday work?
Anyday works so that you choose the products you want. You then choose to pay with Anyday.

If you are not already registered with Anyday, you must go through a quick registration process where you register with your NemID.

You pay the first installment of the purchase immediately. The remaining amount will then be distributed over the following months, with Anyday automatically deducting the amount on the last banking day of the month.

You can always see when you have to pay and what you have to pay.
You can buy for up to DKK 30,000 with Anyday.
As a business, we pay a transaction fee to Anyday to ensure you can always share your payment
interest and fee-free.

Conditions for use of Anyday
● You must be 18 years old
● You must have a valid payment card
● You must have a registered address in Denmark
● You must not have a secret address
● You must have an amount corresponding to the first installment of your desired purchase available in your account
● You must not be registered as a bad payer
● You must be credit approved

Who is Anyday?
Anyday is a Danish-owned company located in Aarhus, which deals with online payments.
The people behind the company all have extensive experience from the financial world and e-commerce. Anyday
is also an E-marked company.
You can read more about Anyday by visiting their website: